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Rediscovering America:

Travel Treasures Close to Home

This feature takes you to some familiar — or perhaps not so familiar — destinations in the United States; and we give you an in-depth understanding of what is unique and special about them. Spokespeople from the destination also tell you about their special place.

The 1000 Islands and the Ebb and Flow of Canadian-American Relations, by Peter Flaherty

A Sampling of Birmingham, Alabama, by Suzanne Wright

Back to Baltimore: Urban Renaissance and Rediscovery, by Karin Leperi

Boise, Idaho: Artful Urban Design ... and People Who Give a Damn, by Bob Fisher

Breathless in Kansas: Cowboys, Crops, and Dinosaurs, by Karin Leperi

High Hampton For Authentic Southern Cooking!, by Bonnie Neely

Duluth: On the Waterfront, by Elle Andra-Warner

Oxnard, California: Gateway to the Channel Islands National Park, by Colleen Fliedner

The Smokies Go Global, by Karin Leperi

Southern California — On Foot, by Suzanne Wright

Tacoma, Washington Re-invents Itself As A Major Tourist Destination, by Bonnie Neely

Lee County Living: Genuine Florida, by Bob Fisher

Cypress Gardens: Florida's Oldest Theme Park is New Again

Great Architecture of the Prairie: Bartlesville, Oklahoma, by Suzanne Wright

Pure Alaska: On the Blue Glacier, by Karen Hamlin

The Crab Lady of Cape Cod, by Bob Fisher

The Joseph Camp Story: In Search of a Mythical Eden in the American West, by Paula Humfrey

The Booth Western Art Museum: Exploring the West – in Georgia, by Suzanne Wright

A Pennsylvania Family Road trip: All Roads Lead to Chocolate and Coasters, by Karin Leperi

California Wine Country: Healdsburg, the Heart of Sonoma, by Kay Harwell Fernandez

The Finger Lakes: A Tonic for the Soul, by Bob Fisher

Return to New Orleans, by Peter Flaherty

A Tale of Two Barbecues: The Best in Alabama and Maryland

The Hidden Treasures of Galveston, by Stephanie Moreland

Mighty Moss: A Smokescreen over a Gem of a Town, by Hans Tammemagi

Alabama Wonders: Ave Maria Grotto, Cathedral Caverns, Jesse Owens, by Neala Schwartzberg

Giving Houston a Second Thought, by Stephanie Moreland

Hampton, Virginia: the Quiet Epicenter of American History

Photographs by Bob Fisher

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