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Below you will find articles, links, and other information for each destination we have visited in this special feature, as well as upcoming shows.

Listen to the audio reports that complement the Destination Canada online print material. To do this you will need MP3 audio software. With a high speed connection, these files take about 20-30 seconds to load.

In addition, at the end of this page you can access links to sites that will give you general information about Canada.

Our Destination Canada features


“Get Going Canada” is an excellent, interactive website of 15 of the most spectacular drives in Canada. Detailed itineraries and other travel information are included on the site.

Visit this website by clicking here.

Destination Canada features “in the works”

The Magnificent Albertan Circle Route

The Modern Museum, Canadian-style

Manitoba: Gateway to the Canadian West

Canadian Art Galleries: Where Vision Is Everything

General Resources on Canada

1. About Canada

This Government of Canada website is a key "entry point" for anything you want to know about Canada.

2.“The Grand Theatre of Canadian History”

This article I wrote recently gives a good overview of why Canada is a a highly significant and meaningful destination (accessible, affordable, diverse, beautiful, safe and secure, and easy to plan).

3. The Atlas of Canada

For maps and related information to Canada this is a great resource.

4. The Canadian Encyclopedia

This online encyclopedia is the definitive source for all things Canadian, be it geographical, cultural, political, or whatever. It is also the most reliable source for the facts. Developed originally by a major publisher and many well-known experts (and funded by a Canadian philanthropist), the Canadian Encyclopedia is now online, updated regularly, and free to use.

The Canadian Tourism Commission

This is Canada's number one federal government department whose mandate it is to stimulate and support travel and tourism business. There is a general user-friendly map of Canada on this page.

6. Provincial and Territorial Tourist Bureaus/Convention and Visitors Bureaus

Canada has 10 provinces and three territories. Below you will find links for each:

Newfoundland and Labrador; Nova Scotia; Prince Edward Island; New Brunswick; Québec; Ontario; Manitoba; Saskatchewan; Alberta; British Columbia; Yukon; Northwest Territories; Nunavut

7. The Travel Industry Association of Canada

As the name suggests, this is the Canadian national organization of the travel and tourism industry.

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