The Neely's TransCanada RV Journey

Recently Bonnie and Bill completed an RV journey that took them through the Canadian provinces, of Québec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. Along the way, they had many adventures, made many new friends, and established an itinerary that others might want to follow.

On their very popular website, Bonnie and Bill have published to date three stories about their journey — with more to come.

To follow Bonnie and Bill's journey across Canada, click on the stories below:

Quebec, Why Cross the Ocean to France?

Polar Bears In Cochrane, Ontario

Enjoying Beautiful Saskatchewan

Watch for more of Bonnie and Bill's TransCanda Real Adventures (Manitoba and British Columbia) coming to this website.

Bonnie and Bill Neely's
Real Travel Adventures Across Canada

Intrepid, always fully engaged, curious, open-minded, resourceful, independent, communicative, wise.

These are just some of the descriptors that apply to one of the most adventurous couples I have known.

In their comfortable RV home-away-from-home, Bonnie and Bill have explored the North American continent extensively. They have become role models for the kind of travellers who understand why travel is the highest form of learning.

Listen to Bonnie and Bill talk about their journey:

Bill talks about Québec.

Bonnie talks about Northern Ontario.

Bill talks about Saskatchewan

Bonnie talks about Manitoba (coming soon)

Bill talks about British Columbia (coming soon)