Celebrating Winter in Québec:
The heart-warming season

During the winter in Québec, you learn how to appreciate a season that has its own special beauty and brilliance.

It is also a time of the year when you fully appreciate how the culture of Québec — from the time of the French régime in North America in the 17th century to the present — was shaped by people interacting successfully with the vigorous national environment.

It is perhaps the season when the art of human bonding is most apparent.

Winter in Québec is not something to be feared, avoided, nor underestimated. Winter in Québec is glorious, spectacular, and a time of personal and collective triumph.

For the Québécois, winter is integral to a way of life that celebrates courage, the aesthetic of the land, and self-determination.

To experience this triumphal season, Karin Leperi, Peter Flaherty, and Bob Fisher each set off to explore a different area of Québec — in the winter!

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