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Where to Stay?

An increasingly consumer-friendly marketplace

An historic and guest-friendly B&B; a campground with all the facilities in a wonderful natural setting; an RV haven where kindred spirits from many nations share the view and more; a budget-minded but simple quality hotel or motel; a "dream vacation" inclusive resort; a short-stay villa with a view of sighs; a well-located and sensible hotel within walking distance of your favourite museum; a converted palace ... the hospitality industry provides all this, and more.

To a great extent the Internet has democratized the way in which we travelers research and book our accommodation. We now are much more able to view and review a property, to interact or dialogue with the owners, to customize our own trips, to find the best value. In brief, we make our own choices based on our needs and personal styles.

The Bed and Breakfast
Historically, this is one of the original forms of accommodations recalling the wayside inn. Here are some useful websites:
BedandBreakfast.com; Bed and Breakfast International; BBCanada.com; Insite.com.

Are you an RV or camping aficionado?
You may find these sites useful: FunRoads.com; RVTravel.com; RVAdvice.com; About.comRvandCamping; AllCampgrounds.com.

Resorts Worldwide
The inclusive resort, once a specialty travel product, is becoming more and more a standard in the industry. This website helps you search and research resorts worldwide.

Hotel Chains Worldwide
All major hotel chains (from budget-minded to ultra-luxurious) have full and interactive websites where you can "preview" the properties, their locations, amenities, price structures, and packages. Experienced traveler-consumers use these online resources in the same way they would make any other major purchase. The same consumer skills of critical reasoning, knowing your own tastes and interests, and a general understanding of the social and cultural context in which the properties are located apply. HotelsTravel.com and HotelChainsOnline.com provide comprehensive lists.

For chains not listed, just "Google" them. Look for packages, weekend or short-term specials, and remember that the same rules of comparison shopping apply as they would anywhere.

And although many independent hotels may be "repped" by wholesalers or other major chains, you may also be able to contact the hotel directly (many have their own websites) and get a better deal.

General Searches

There are of course many hotel website search engines, and local or national tourists boards often have hyperlinked accommodations. Here are some of the more popular general hotel reservation sites:

Yahoo's Fare Chaser







Wotif (Specializes in last minute reservations.)