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Our Traveler-friendly Resource Center

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Here are some of the more popular general airline reservation sites:

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By Air

Airline toll-free numbers and websites

A comprehensive site about airline meals. Need a vegetarian meal and want to know what a certain airline serves? You will find the information — and photographs — here.

This site is especially good for checking worldwide flight schedules. If you need to know who flies where and when, go here.

Air Routing International
This site is a multi-use tool that allows pilots to monitor flight plans. It is of interest to the commercial traveler who likes to calculate actual flight distances and times.

Air Tech
If you can be flexible, this last minute “fly on a space available basis” website may e the source of good deals to Europe.

Using this site, you can track routes, departures, arrrivals, and other flight details of any flight on most airlines.

Flight Arrivals and Departures
This site is a comprehensive tool for checking airline arrivals and departures in the U.S. and Canada.

This site allows you to assess from historical data which airlines are most likely to arrive on time or be delayed.

1-800-Fly Europe
Using U.S. or European airlines, this discount-based website has some good deals to and from numerous cities in both the United States and Europe.

ITA Software.com
Recommended by Condé Nast Traveler magazine, this website performs the same operation as most however it shows all costs (surcharges, taxes, etc.) It therefore can save a lot of work finding out all the little extra charges that add up.

Note, however, that is is always good to check directly with an airline's site as well because the airline may be offering its own discount deals that compete with the major search engines.

London City Airport
If you are making connections to European destinations through London, this very traveler-friendly airport may make sense for you.

Seat Guru
Where you sit on an aircraft may be important to you. But what kind of seat you are sitting in (legroom etc.) is equally important. Seat Guru will tell you everything you need to know. Another such site is Airplane Seat Comfort Reports.

Sidestep Airline Search Engine
This is one of the most comprehensive airline reservations/price search sites on the Web. It searches all the other sites simultaneously.

Site 59 Last Minute Reservations
There are a number of last minute travel services. This is one. Most online reservation sites (air, hotel etc.) also have their own last minute deals. If you have a favoite, be sure to check their deals.

Sky Auction
Using this website you may find deals that work for you.

Smart Travel Deals
This site offers an assortment of deals to various destinations.

Travel Worm
This is a discount site that focuses on Casino Resorts and Leisure destinations.