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By Rail

Great Train Escapes
Your Talking Travel train buffs (Roy Lowey and Bob Fisher) can personally recommend Mexico's Copper Canyon rail tour.

Listen to an audio report of our wonderful Copper Canyon rail experience, click here. (You will need MP3 software installed on your computer. With a high speed connection, this report opens in 10-20 seconds.)

AMTRACK: Seeing the U.S. By Train+
A very user-friendly site

The Great American Orient Express
Ten unique North American train trips

Canada By Train
Via, Canada's national passenger train service, offers many special packages and unique train journeys. This comprehensive site will give you everything you need. The private company Rocky Mountaineer Railtours also offers one of the most spectacular train trips (through the Canadian Rockies) in the world. Bob Fisher's Destination Canada report, Châteaux in Canada: the Great Railway Hotels is also a great backgrounder for Canadian train travel.

Rail Europe
This one-stop shopping online resource will help you plan your rail trips in Europe. Eurail passes are an excellent and cost-effective way to travel throughout Europe, especially on trains such as France's TGV (train à grande vitesse.)

Rail Pass
Some comparison shopping at this site is a good idea.

The Orient Express
Train travel is still one of the best ways to experience a country. It is also still one of the most romantic. This site says it all.

Classic and Exotic Train Trips
This Info Hub Specialty Travel Guide site is a good source for some of the most exciting trips, especially for those who are passionate about train travel.

The Indian Pacific, The Ghan, The Overland
Ask Marcus! He'll tell you that Australia has some of the best train trips in the world. This site will give you a good idea. Note the aesthetics of this website. Who said websites weren't an art form!

Be an Escape Artist — By Train
This site will give you even more information on great train trips around the globe. It's also good just for armchair travelling.

The Good Old (Train Trip) Days Are Still Here
This site has a plethora of train trip and train information, especially antique and historic train trips in the U.S.

Travel Slowly and Close to the Land
Robert Powell Sangster's article gives a whole new sense of why the sound of a train whistle is music to many people's ears.