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A Professional Human Partnership

Talking Travel is Internet Public Radio and a collective of individuals — all professionals in the travel media and the travel industry — who promote responsible and enlightened travel experiences. We emphasize consumer advocacy, a multi-level awareness of travel destinations — and the human relationships that have always been at the heart of our industry.

Our webcast radio show and webmagazine provide a global meeting place for:

  • travel journalists of diverse interests and skills,
  • travel suppliers representing many areas of a worldwide industry,
  • and the people they serve — the traveling public.

We also emphasize certain values and principles inherent in the “global village” and the new world of electronic media. Our prime purpose is to integrate the three communities mentioned above and to foster international understanding through the medium of travel.

Each of the following statements expresses a part of our collective vision:

• We travel to explore the diversity of the human experience, and in so doing we discover the commonality.

• Travel is the most experiential form of learning.

• Travel is life-long learning.

• Everyone has the right to travel, just as they have the right to learn.

• The most effective travel journalism is content-rich, reveals layers of understanding and meaning in a destination, and is about real people talking to and interacting with other real people.

• Given the advent of the new electronic global world of media, and despite the conventional economic structures that have historically shaped and controlled the medium; travel “writing” is no longer predominantly a print medium. It has become — and always has been — an eclectic medium and genre in which there are many voices and many editorial hues and shades. It is not a formulaic form of writing.

• The principal “writer's guidelines” that Talking Travel subscribes to are the same guidelines that apply to all quality writing. We believe that travel writing can be found in — or work in tandem with — many literary forms such as fiction, literary non-fiction, biography, personal journals, drama, history, science writing, and the equally expanding world of visual arts. Because we are a Web-based electronic medium, word length is less important to us than the levels of meaning and the layers of understanding that a fully integrated multimedia form of writing can achieve.

• The narrative in the human travel experience is the essence of what we do.

• Talking Travel is an electronic, interconnected, and global hub for the three principal communities mentioned above each of which is a stake in the travel industry: travel suppliers, travel journalists, and travel consumers.

• Travel is “fun” in the most comprehensive sense of the word: it energizes, excites, enhances an individual's sense of self within new environments, is a form of human “play ”that serves to develop new skills, tones our “mental muscles,” and helps re-balance our lives.

• Travel expands and enhances our worldview, and engages us on all levels: physical, emotional, sensory, conceptual and, for many, spiritual.

• Travel is about heightening perceptions, creating a broader human frame of reference, and encouraging global social responsibility.

• Travel makes us aware of the richness of human culture, and the meaningfulness inherent in it.

• Travel is as diverse as moments in time.

• Travel reveals the interconnectedness of all things; a fundamental universal principle.

• We travel everyday of our lives. From the moment we are born, we begin our journey from a state of dependence, to independence, and finally to the highest state of development — interdependence. As the 17th-century poet John Donne said, “No man is an island, entire of itself...any man's death diminishes me, because I am involved in mankind; and therefore never send to know for whom the bell tolls; it tolls for thee.” Briefly stated, we are all in this together.

• Travel journalists are storytellers in a long line of such human communicators; from troubadours bringing news in song from village to village to oral historians who pass information and wisdom from generation to generation. Travel journalists strive to find the narrative in travel: the setting, sets, characters, characterization, dramatic conflict, and resolution. At the core of the “theatre” of a destination they also look for universal issues and elements.

• The travel industry — next to agriculture — is the largest on the planet. From the earliest days in human society someone has made it possible for “wayfarers” to explore new realities — and to return home wiser for it. Industry insider information and perspectives make us all better travelers.

• Travel is forward-thinking but at the same time emphasizes the adage “Wayfarer, keep looking back.”